It’s very simple: these are the creators of the strongest bridge in the world, it can withstand a load of 443.58 kg.

It’s very simple: these are the creators of the strongest bridge in the world, it can withstand a load of 443.58 kg.

It occupies a fairly large building.

LETTERSBest letter of the monthThe author of the best letter receives a set of Clarins cosmetics for men as a gift: Huile de Rasage double-action shaving oil (Shave Ease), Clarins Men Fluide Apr S-Rasage aftershave softening cream and Abdo Fermet abdominal modeling gel. When used on the last morning after a shower, as well as before or after sports, the body "burns" fat more effectively, which contributes to the grace of the figure.

TECHNOLOGIESHuman and smart partsEric SofgeArtificial limbs, controlled by artificial intelligence, are able to independently assess the environment and predict the intentions of their owner. It is easy to imagine a day when mechanisms built on their basis can be useful to absolutely healthy people.

THE SCIENCEWorlds from the voidBirthAlexey LevinVacuum fluctuations can cause the formation of virtual proto-universes, which, under certain conditions, are able to move from a virtual state to a real one.

THE SCIENCEAlmighty inflationAlexey LevinOne of the fragments of the first microsecond of the universe’s life played a huge role in its further evolution.

TECHNOLOGIESBetween the mind and the hammerDmitry MamontovSince the 19th century, the Latin "Mente et malle", which means "Mind and hammer", has become the motto of geologists around the world. Since then, many other tools have appeared in the arsenal of geologists.

TECHNOLOGIESCameron’s abyssTim SkorenkoThe highest point of the globe – Mount Chomolungmu – has been conquered by 4,000 people to date: one might say, not a mountain, but a courtyard. But the lowest point – the Mariana Trench – was visited by only three. And two of them – back in 1960. On March 26, 2012, the third person descended into the Challenger Abyss – the famous film director James Cameron.

TECHNOLOGIESGuardian angelOleg TitkovIn modern aviation, a paradoxical situation has developed: ingenious electronics and automation, designed to help the pilot in his difficult work, in reality sometimes disorientates the person at the helm. Relying too much on sensors, servo motors and displays, the pilot is lost in an extreme situation.

TECHNOLOGIESFascists from the moonSergei ApresovIn 1945, the Nazis did not die – From a secret cosmodrome in Antarctica, they fled to the far side of the moon. For 70 years, they have amassed their strength, building a mighty space fleet in their lunar fortress, to strike back in 2018.

TECHNOLOGIESDelicious smokeOleg Makarov, Dmitry Mamontov, Sergey BelkovSummer, summer cottage, fishing … Down with electric stoves and microwave ovens, pots and pans! We will entrust our freshly caught prey directly to fire and smoke, we will indulge in culinary experiences in the spirit of our prehistoric ancestors. So, in this issue, the "PM" editorial board tests smokehouses, of which there are many on the market: simple and complex, expensive and not so much.

TECHNOLOGIESHarrowing waterOleg MakarovThey say that if you don’t want to ruin your appetite, you shouldn’t go to the food industry and look at what they make what we eat. To see what we are drinking, and we don’t have to go anywhere, here it is, the muddy, dirty water of lowland reservoirs. But what happens to her before she gets on our tap?

WEAPONOsprey tiltrotor: expensive, unreliable, in demandJoe PappalardoThe V-22 OSPREY aircraft, which has suffered many accidents during test flights, is regaining its good name in combat conditions. However, until now, not everyone still believes that it is worth the money spent on it.

WEAPONCeramic gunEldar SafinThe lion’s share of devices that ensure the safety of citizens at airports, train stations, in institutions belongs to metal detectors – be it a stationary frame or a hand-held Garrett. At the entrance to the airport waiting area, passengers are asked to remove all metal objects – such a step, it would seem, guarantees that the terrorist does not carry weapons on board. Are there pistols that the detector will not see because there is no metal in their construction?

CARSButtermakers rulesDmitry MamontovThe small American town of Paulsborough near Philadelphia is difficult to find on the map. Meanwhile, it was he who became the cradle of one of the technological revolutions in the automotive industry – it was here, in the Research Center of Mobil Oil (now ExxonMobil), that the first mass-produced and globally available fully synthetic motor oil, Mobil 1, was developed.

MASTER CLASSSimple desire machineDmitry Mamontov- What else can she do? Gregor asked.- What would you like? Tiger cub? Carburetor? A twenty-five watt light bulb? Chewing gum?“You mean she can cook anything?”- Anything you want! Try it yourself.Robert Sheckley. Necessary thing

ADRENALINAnatomy of an accidentTim SkorenkoSpectators associate auto racing with danger and spectacular disasters. It is worth noting that, according to statistics, the injury risk of racing is much lower than that of football, hockey or baseball: the visual beauty of auto racing accidents, flying debris, and panic of commentators add fuel to the fire. We will try to soberly analyze racing accidents and classify them according to general criteria.

ARTIFACTWorkshop of smiles by Ivan PestalozziTatiana AlekseevaIf on the creations of the Swiss sculptor Ivan Pestalozzi were adorned with the same labels as on manufactured goods, they would surely have a place for a proud message: “We have been giving people joy since 1959”.

MASTER CLASSBattle of the eiffelsTim Skorenko, Sergey ApresovSo, the great bridge builders: Gustave Eiffel, Isambard Brunel, James Eads, Aliz Totivan, Norbert Pozhoni … Stop! The first three are known to the whole world, but the last two – who are they? It’s very simple: these are the creators of the strongest bridge in the world, it can withstand a load of 443.58 kg. but is that a lot? Yes, considering that the bridge itself weighs 982 g and is made … from pasta.

STORYReading by touchVisually impaired and blind people all over the world remember with gratitude two Frenchmen – the talented teacher Valentin Gayuy and the creator of the tactile font Louis Braille.

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EDITORIALAlexander the Greek about educationMost of the conversations in our predominantly male editorial office ultimately boil down to three topics – women, weapons, and children’s education. And if in my childhood the main problem was the accessibility of education, now – how to push all this into the head of the children.

EDITORIALVirtual reality, digital painting and other best letters of the monthOur readers write us many interesting letters, and the author of the best gets a valuable prize from the editorial board. Today we have before us the best letters of the May issue.

EDITORIALDo fish and insects feel pain? Answers to amazing questions!What is the heaviest parachute load? Is it true that the participants in the flights to the moon did not have a toilet in the ship? – what you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

TECHNOLOGIESSupersonic Lady and other awesome photosEach issue of the Popular Mechanics magazine has a Slide Show section. In it we talk not only about the most interesting, but about the most beautiful and visually spectacular technical innovations and events. Photos of the "Slideshow" section on our website are given in high resolution so that, if desired, they can be downloaded and printed without loss of quality. They are worth it!

THE SCIENCEElectric tasteIt often seems that everything useful is necessarily tasteless, and everything tasty is harmful. But what if the dullest cottage cheese or the most boring oatmeal, which will seem divine, crispy fries? .. Or ice cream? .. So everyone will become a fan of healthy eating! It remains to wait for the Singapore engineer Ranasinghe Nimesha to complete the development of the electric taste simulator.

THE SCIENCEKind brother MorphiaLife is pain, and sometimes, alas, it is not at all metaphorical. Some patients have to wage a constant and almost hopeless struggle with it. For this, any means are used, even such dangerous ones as opioid analgesics, known for a mass of side effects. But in recent years, scientists and physicians are approaching to radically change the nature of these analgesics, "canceling" their negative effect, but preserving the how to write an introduction paragraph for an argumentative essay pain reliever.

TECHNOLOGIESAnd supersonic againWhen the era of Tu-144 and "Concordes" ended, it was customary among aviation experts to express themselves extremely skeptically about the revival of civilian supersonic sound. Say, without a radical technological breakthrough, there is nothing to think about payback commercial transport. But times are changing, and a new generation of supersonic passenger aircraft is already coming to us "in metal". Well, or in Carboniferous, if you like …

GadgetsThe near future is on handAlexander the GreekOne of the main trends in the watchmaking world is the appearance of such a modern material as carbon composites in the models of the upper class. Carbon is considered the main material of the 21st century. Two already synthesized materials are graphene (for the creation of which the Nobel Prize has already been awarded) and carbon nanotubes. Composite materials created on the basis of the latter, with similar strength characteristics, are five times lighter than steel and three times lighter than titanium. In addition, carbon composites are non-magnetic and hypoallergenic, which is important for watches. In addition, while this material is quite expensive: the price of nanotubes exceeds $ 15,000 per kilogram, that is, they are only half the price of gold.

ARTWhat is natural is beautifulThe history of architecture and design is the history of styles. Style is more than just a collection of artistic devices, techniques or technologies. Baroque, classicism, empire style, modernism, rationalism, minimalism and other styles influenced not only how buildings, interiors, clothing and even weapons looked in these eras. They have completely defined the society’s ideas about beauty. Parametric, or algorithmic, architecture has existed within the framework of avant-garde design for more than a decade, but recent advances in computer technology have allowed it to claim to be the leading style of the new digital age. This is definitely not an instant fashion.

THE SCIENCESchool of the XXI centuryAlexander the GreekOur children have to learn much more in school than we do. And their heads are the same size as those of their parents. Therefore, either you need to reduce some disciplines, such as astronomy, or change the teaching system. In fact, there is no choice, says Vasily Filippov, one of the most interesting young Russian high-tech entrepreneurs.

ARTDeformer painter"Maker" – under this nickname Ichwan Nur is known in Indonesia among fellow artists. They associate this with his desire to create complex, voluminous works. Large sculptures with a mass of finely crafted details actively use objects that are perfectly familiar to any contemporary, but they rework and “grind” them so that only a faint memory of the original thing often remains. But even this memory is enough to unmistakably recognize her.

ARTWar and Peace Federico UribeRoman FishmanArtist Federico Uribe was born and raised in Colombia, a country where a civil war unleashed by the drug mafia against an entire state lasted for decades. Unsurprisingly, his most famous works are made from spent cartridges and cartridges.

EDITORIALWhat do crayfish and satellite TV have in common?People are rightfully proud of the structure of their eyes, although mantis shrimp have more reason for this. Our vision relies on the work of only three color receptors, and in crayfish their number can be up to 12, partly covering infrared waves and ultraviolet light. We are unable to imagine the variety of shades that shimmer in the coral reef in these complex eyes. But crayfish, as if this is not enough: thanks to special filters, many of them are able to distinguish and the circular polarization of light.

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THE SCIENCEModern biological laboratory: the future is hereYulia KondratenkoIf a scientist tells you that he is doing his research in a cloud lab, he is not referring to cloudy weather at all. This means that all experiments are performed by robots, and a person is left with only one thing – what people can do best: think

CARSIrkutsk SU-30SM: from India to RussiaOleg MakarovThe Su-30SM is one of those combat aircraft that enter service with the Russian Air Force today. This highly maneuverable multi-role fighter is the latest modification in the Su-27 family and is produced at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAZ) of the Irkut Corporation. The Su-30SM, as well as the entire "Irkutsk" branch of the Su-30, has a very interesting history of origin, closely connected with the ups and downs of the history of Russia.

THE SCIENCEPeace between sleep and wake upOleg MakarovThe question "Where do dreams take us?" long worried about humanity. But no less interesting is the question "Where can you get on the path from sleep to awakening?" It turns out that there are people who, while sleeping, are able not only to wander around the house with an abstract look, but also to make speeches, grind their teeth for no reason, drive a car and even have sex. When they are told what they were doing in the morning, they will be very surprised. "How? What? I was asleep! "

TECHNOLOGIES23 unusual hammers: how many do you know?The hammer is one of the simplest tools and one of the most useful. There is some kind of powerful inevitability in the hammer when it is at its peak, milliseconds before it hits metal, wood or stone with the force of a dozen people. Once the hammer was just a stone tied with veins to a wooden stick, but now this tool exists in many varieties.

TECHNOLOGIESSoviet maglev: 25 years under cellophaneTim SkorenkoThe first magnetic levitation train carried a group of passengers as part of the 1979 IVA International Transport Exhibition in Germany. But few people know that in the same year another maglev, a Soviet model TP-01, drove its first meters along the test track. It is especially surprising that the Soviet Maglevs have survived to this day – they have been gathering dust in the backyards of history for more than 30 years.

THE SCIENCENon-carbon Life Forms: Silicon or Nitrogen?Dmitry MamontovTerrestrial life, the only one currently known to us, is based on a huge variety of carbon compounds. Meanwhile, this is not the only chemical element that may underlie life.

MASTER CLASSHow do Indian yogis levitate?Tim SkorenkoOn the streets of many European and Asian cities, you can see the following picture: a man in oriental clothes hovers in the air. He leans on a staff with one hand – but this is clearly not enough to keep him in the air. No matter how you go around, you will not see any additional supports. Magic? Not. Pure mechanics.

WEEKDAYS OF THE EDITORIALSubmarine interior, alpha radiation and other best letters of the monthThe author of the best letter of the month receives a secure mobile phone Senseit P101. It is suitable for representatives of those professions who face difficulties every day. The phone is not afraid of dust and dirt, it can withstand prolonged immersion to a depth of more than a meter, and the case with a shockproof protector has high shock-absorbing properties.