System testing is performed to test operation under peak load conditions

System testing is performed to test operation under peak load conditions

Note: The surname, name, patronymic of the entrant in the external independent evaluation certificate of different years must match the surname, name, patronymic of the entrant in the certificate of complete general secondary education.

Which of the entrants must apply in paper form?

Persons who have special conditions for participation in the competitive selection for admission to higher education on the basis of PZSO, provided by paragraph 3 of section III of these Conditions, or the right to enroll under quotas-1, quotas-2, provided by paragraph 5 of section IV of these Conditions, and wish to exercise these rights, or have differences in the name, date of birth, sex or citizenship of the entrant in the certificate of PZSO and in the certificate of external evaluation.

If I took the external examination in 2016 and 2017, can I use the data from both certificates?

Yes, the system will automatically download data not only from the certificate that was specified during registration.

Which e-mail ADDRESS can be used as a LOGIN to enter the e-office?

Use your VALID email address (which you have access to). You will receive an email at this address to activate access to the system.

However, the use of e-mail addresses from certain domains (for example,, is prohibited in Ukraine. Use other addresses.

How can I apply electronically if the entrant last year has already registered on this site?

In the current year it is necessary to re-register the electronic office of the entrant. Accordingly, information on the submission of applications to this year’s selected universities will be displayed in the new office.

Where to go if you have problems registering or entering the e-office?

In case of problems during the registration process or entering the e-office, you can send a request to EDEBO support specialists. In the central panel of the main page you need to click “Contacts”. In the window that appears, fill in the appropriate fields and click the “Next” arrow.

What to do if when entering data the system does not find the certificate on PZSO or the certificate of ZNO?

Check the authenticity of the data of the certificate on PZSO on the website of IVS “Education” (, where to check you need to fill in the fields (login and password of your existing mail) in the form “Login”. – Check the availability of EIT certificate data on the website

Where to apply if it is necessary to make changes in the name or date of birth in the certificate of external evaluation or in the certificate of PZSO?

To correct an error in the last name, first name, patronymic or date of birth, please contact:

in the EIT certificate – to the regional center for education quality assessment; in the certificate of PZSO – to the institution that issued the certificate (school, college, etc.).

Why didn’t I receive a registration confirmation email?

Confirmation of successful registration is provided if the e-mail characters are entered correctly. If you find an error in the specified address, re-register with the correct address in 24 hours (this is the period of cancellation of pre-registration without activating the created e-account of the applicant).

I can’t log in under my login. Gives an error: “The request failed. There were technical problems. Please try again later. “What to do in this case?

Most likely, the reason for this is an incorrectly entered website address for the electronic submission. You may visit, although you need to use the address Please read the instructions carefully again before using the system.

After I enter my login and password, it takes me back to the main page. But instead of the word “Registration” there is my Login, and there is no link to the profile and there was no transition to it.

In this case, we suggest you “clear” the history and cache of the browser for the entire period or change the browser.

How to find out your login to enter the Candidate’s Cabinet?

The login is the e-mail address specified by the entrant during registration.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten the password from your personal e-account, use the “Forgot your password?” Function. in the office entrance window.

Why can’t I change the “Required Data” in the entrant’s office?

The opportunity to change the “mandatory data” in the entrant’s office is blocked after your first application is registered at the university.

What to do if you do not have a home (landline) phone?

The obligatory field for filling in is your mobile number, so in the absence of a home (landline) phone you can not fill in this form.

Is it possible to change the average score of the certificate in the electronic office of the entrant?

The average score of the certificate can be changed in the electronic office of the entrant, until the first application to the university.

Pay attention! After submitting at least one application to the school, editing the average score will not be available. Regarding the adjustment of the average score, if there are applications, you must apply directly to the educational institution to which the application is submitted.

Why after registration in the office of the entrant in the form of points of certificates of ZNO for 2017 there are zeros or points do not correspond to the received?

Scores of certificates of EIT of 2017 automatically appear in an office of the entrant after completion of delivery of all subjects of EIT. If there is a discrepancy: check the data of the EIT certificate on the website In case of their compliance on the site – contact the support of the entrant’s office.

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The test registration service will be available to users for two days

Testing of e-offices of entrants will take place on July 29-30

On Wednesday, July 29, the registration of the electronic application of the entrant will take place.

This was reported in the State Enterprise “Inforesource”.

The test registration service will be available to users for two days: from 10.00 on July 29 to 22.00 on July 30.

During the test work of e-cabinets, participants of this year’s introductory campaign will be able to register their cabinet and make a test application for admission.

Applicants who have a ZNO certificate and a certificate / certificate of complete general secondary education (for entrants entering the bachelor’s degree) or an EVI / EFVV certificate and a diploma of higher education (for entrants entering the master’s degree) can take part in the testing …

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Attention! The service of test registration of the electronic cabinet will start its work at 10:00 on July 29 at the address

After July 30, all test applications will be removed from the system. The test login and password will also not work.

Starting from August 1, 2020, applicants will need to re-register their e-cabinet.

Join the pages for real-time information about the start and the introductory campaign Introductory campaign in Telegram or Entrant and on Facebook.

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We are talking about entrants entering universities after 11th grade

On August 1, it will be known who entered the budget

On August 1, 2018, it will be known which of the applicants received a recommendation for the budget. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

In particular, we are talking about entrants entering the bachelor’s programs, as well as master’s degrees in medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine after 11th grade.

The distribution of budget places will be based on the algorithm of targeted placement of state and regional orders.

Those entrants who will be recommended for the budget, in the electronic cabinet opposite one of the applications will have the status “Recommended for enrollment (training at the expense of the state (regional) budget).” Such entrants will need to meet the enrollment requirements by 6 pm on August 6, in particular, submit the original documents.

After fulfilling these requirements, the status of the electronic application must change to “Included in the order”, and the educational institution must issue an order to enroll students.

If the applicant does not meet the requirements, his recommendation will be revoked, and the status of the electronic application will be changed to “Excluded from the list of recommended (training at the expense of the state (regional) budget).”

Applicants who do not receive a budget recommendation on August 1 will have the status “Admitted to the competition” in front of all applications. Such applicants automatically participate in the contract competition.

The ranking list of entrants entering on the basis of external examination certificates for the first year to obtain a bachelor’s degree (master of medicine, pharmacy or veterinary specialties) on the basis of complete general secondary education in full-time education will be published on August 1 on the site


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To correct mistakes in the e-office, you need to contact the admissions committee of the university

Corrections in e-offices can be corrected in universities

If after submitting the application the entrant finds errors in the electronic office, then to correct them he must apply to the admissions committee of the educational institution where the application is submitted. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Education.

In particular, it is a question of incorrectly calculated average point, loading of other document instead of the scanned copy of the certificate and other data.

As you know, the creation of entrants’ offices will last until July 25, and the application service to universities will work until July 26.

MORE about the introductory campaign

electronic receiptintroductory campaign


System testing is performed to test operation under peak load conditions

SE “Inforesource” tests the system “Electronic income”

On June 25 and 26, applicants, their parents and others will be able to test the e-offices through which applications will be submitted to higher education institutions.